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Assembly Services

We offer full assembly services, with a professional team arriving right to your door step.

Buy Now - Pay Later

Split the order payment for up to 12 months, with our fully insured payment services.

Design 3D Visualization

Take advantage of  design our apps and services, to help you get the look you desire.

Full Service solution

We believe that home decoration and interior design should eventually come as an whole. Objects, lighting and positioning should come together to create an harmony in your space. Because of this, we don't just concentrate on selling you a rug, or a couch. we want to help you understand and learn how to design your space in the way you like, to represent you. Our services includes complete beginner designer guides, visualization and 3D design tools, financing options to your order purchase and assembly services.

We're up to the most popular and newly trends

Our products team is constantly working around the clock to check with latest trends, brands, products and styles in the industry. New and popular products are added to our store on a daily basis, and we're always seeking most popular home product and newest brands to offer to out customers.

We believe in giving back to nature

One of our company's values is giving back, and make as much effort to keep the organic cycle of nature. This is why we encourage our customers, to contribute together back to nature. We've partnered with to offer you to plant a new tree in every purchase you make. This way we can help keep the balance of our eco-system and maintain an approach of environmental responsibility.

Get the full beginner's guide to your interior design.

Learn the basics and principals of interior design, that will help to design your own space that way you want it.