Our Story

Mathew'z was founded in 2010 under the brand name Matthew's Art Gallery, offering handmade wall art. From a small and shady apartment, we began to communicate with artists and create unique designs of oil paintings and metal wall art. As time passed, we discovered the need in unique preferences and modifications requested by customers to our current designs. As a result, we established Mathew'z. Mathew'z is an online store offering tailored made wall art. For every design you can modify and change the color, shape, number of panels and size, in order to get a unique design of your wall art. We currently have more than 5,000 different artwork variations to choose from.

Amit Roznak, CEO & Founder

The Artists

We're working with several artist groups, located in Hong Kong, Beijing and United States. All of our artists are professional and have years of experience with expertise in a specific medium and style. All groups comply with ILO policies and international law of labor. Every artwork we create is completely handmade and hand painted. Our quality control team is inspecting and making sure the quality and appearance of each every artwork will always keep at top level.

Mathew'z Artists
Mathew'z Artists

Our Mission

We believe that home decoration and interior design should eventually come as an whole, objects, lighting and positioning should come together to create an harmony in your space. Therefore, we are not just interested in selling you wall art, we want to help you understand and learn how to design your space in the way you like, to fit the correct wall art to your current design of space. We  also offer specific design guides and articles,  to help you learn and understand your space design needs, to help you learn the basic stages of design, and how to Do-It-Yourself. 

Environmental Responsibility 

we believe joining the fight against global warming and climate change is highly important. We've partnered with Carbon Checkout to contribute to projects of renewable energy. Customers could donate funds during checkout and thus share their impact in the fight for climate change.