6 Stylish Ways to Stash Your Stuff

6 Stylish Ways to Stash Your Stuff

Along with the plethora of possessions modern life often brings, comes the daunting task of keeping all neat and organized at home. Luckily, there are practically endless ways to do just that, below we’ve shared six furniture and accessory solutions to help you stash all your stuff in the most stylish ways.

With a formidable stature and oft decorative aesthetic, armoires make a stylish statement piece and captivating focal point in any room they’re placed. Most commonly made from natural or richly finished wood, the most eye-catching designs boast ornate carving, decorous hardware, and even elaborate artwork. Alternately, sleek modern versions with minimalist aesthetic are visually striking especially when rendered in high quality materials.  

Originally created by furniture makers for homes with little or no closet space, today’s armoires have moved out of the bedroom and into the living room, dining room, and even the study. The roomy interiors of these doored cabinets are the most capacious of all storage furniture solutions. In addition to storing clothing, they’re now used to store modern items such as televisions, electronics and media accessories. Their interior shelves and drawers offer ample organizational possibilities across many rooms and functions. The most recent adaptation of this essential element—the computer armoire—accommodates a total home office solution without taking up precious square footage.

While often interchangeably known by many other names—credenza, buffet, server, console—this popular piece offers valuable storage and table surface space in the dining room. Typically, the sideboard is a long, low (waist-high or shorter) cabinet used across every décor style and produced in a practically infinite array of materials, finishes, decorative embellishments, door and drawer configurations and base styles.

Besides offering valuable interior storage, the sideboard’s table top offers much coveted decorative space for creating stylish vignettes with lamps, objects d’art, and books. Additionally, the piece’s surface space is popularly purposed as a home bar with libations and accoutrements, or for holding serve ware during a buffet style meal.

Dressers & Chests
When it comes to bedroom storage outside the closet, dressers and chests offer the most versatile storage space for clothing and personal items. While capacious storage is a top priority, decorative attributes of fine finishes, rich wood grain, ornate hardware and decorous door and drawer details are a must for those who desire the most stylish stash pieces. No matter your décor style, from modern to eclectic, there are endless possibilities to discover.

Alternatively, there are just five classic designs to accommodate storage, organizational and room size requirements. The long horizontal standard dresser with lots of drawers is best for larger spaces and allows for the amplest storage and decorative surface space. Taller vertical pieces, known as chests and bureaus, offer scaled back storage ideal for space-challenged bedrooms. The mid-size combo dresser boasts drawers on one side, and doors on the other—perfect for those who need storage for varied electronic or personal items. Also, equipped with wardrobe and drawer storage, the gentleman’s chest or tallboy is often taller than the combo chest and offers much more stash space. All the versions above offer plentiful surface space for lamps and decorative vignettes to amp the style quotient of any room.

Media Cabinets
Today’s slim-profile, flat screen TVs demand to be prominently placed in the living room or bedroom; not hidden away in obstructive cabinets like their bulky predecessors. However, the tangle of cables and cords, numerous gaming accessories, media remotes and other cumbersome items that accompany advanced technology begs to be tucked away from view. Today’s media cabinets offer the most stylish way to display your TV, while hiding unsightly elements away behind closed doors and drawers.

Differing from a basic TV stand, the media cabinet boasts finished sides and back, often equipped with holes for cords and cables, and a built-in surge protector. Doors hide interior storage space, while drawers provide lots of room for stashing remotes and manuals. In addition, to keeping everything stored and organized, media cabinets come in stylish designs for every décor.

Storage Ottomans & Benches
Stylish secret storage on a smaller scale. Storage ottomans and benches come in a bevy of designs to fit every décor—from minimalist ottomans upholstered in sleek leather to decorous button-tufted benches dressed in luxe velvet. Sizes range from voluminous to diminutive, while shapes cover the geometric spectrum from round to rectangular to square.  

In addition to being aesthetically versatile, these pieces are great for stowing away small items such as TV remotes, gaming accessories, throws, books, magazines and photo albums. As well, both the storage ottoman and bench alternately function as a seat, footrest, and even cocktail table. Depending upon the piece’s design, interior storage is most often accessed via a hinged or removable lid, while some versions also have drawers on one or both sides.

Decorative Containers, Baskets & Bins

Today’s lifestyles require a seemingly endless array of small items necessary for facilitating day to day life. From the bevy of personal bath products to the myriad of must-have kitchen accessories, trying to keep all our small stuff stashed and organized in an aesthetically pleasing way can be overwhelming at best. Enter decorative containers and baskets—the most stylish way to stash your smallest stuff in any room.

With whole stores dedicated to storage containers, there’s no end to the possible ways to decoratively store anything, big or small. An infinite array of styles, shapes, colors, materials and storage features can be found to fit any purpose, room and décor. For instance, woven baskets offer a natural accent for kitchen shelves, while providing ample storage for root veggies or shopping bags. While decorative hatboxes are perfect for tucking away photos or love letters in the bedroom closet. Brightly colored fabric storage bins are perfect for organizing towels or bath products.

Image Source: midwestliving.com