Tips & Ideas for Displaying Oversize Artwork

Tips & Ideas for Displaying Oversize Artwork

Inclusive of mediums from paintings to photographs to handmade quilts, oversize artwork provides one of the easiest ways to amp the beauty and interest in any room. It’s ideal for both small spaces and enormous lofts and every size interior space between. In lieu of hanging a single big piece of art on the wall and calling it a day—we’ve curated a cool half dozen or so ideas for making the most impact with oversize art in your décor.

Add Palatial Pops of Color—Incorporate a vibrantly-hued artwork on a white accent wall for a captivating way to add a huge pop of color to any room. For instance, the wide flower painting hung over the sofa in the image above creates a powerful boost of color and movement in this white-walled living room. In modern and contemporary spaces, enormous scale abstract paintings offer an eye-catching way to add color and interest in an large open living space.

Capture Memories in a Big Way—Favorite photos of you and a loved one or of a one of kids enlarged and hung on a large wall offers a way to enjoy memories daily while creating an homey décor. The black and white large scale photo of a child blowing a bubble creates a playful accent hanging above a console in the dining room. The strong contrast of black and white is carried through the room from the furniture to the walls. A translucent dining table and chairs allow light to flow and allows the eye to immediately go to the artwork.

Create a Theme—A large thematic artwork makes a terrific way to carry a theme or style through any room. In the dining room above, a capacious artwork depicting diners seated around a dining table is an obvious yet charming choice for expressing the ‘dining’ theme. The red chair’s pick up the single point of color in the otherwise black and white artwork. Large thematic artworks are particularly perfect way to decorate in a child’s room, whether keeping the continuity of a fairy tale or jungle theme.

Break It Up—A classic style way to portray a single photograph, print or painting in segmented pieces, the triptych above shows the beauty of this medium. Originating in Greece, the first triptychs (meaning three-fold) were often scenes painted on panels or hinged screens. Today, these intriguing trios meld nicely across all decors from contemporary to traditional, casual to formal.

Layer It—The bedroom above shows a carefully curated layering of artworks and collectibles. The oversize abstract makes the ideal backdrop for layering differing size framed pieces and art objects in the foreground. The result is a vampy visual of color, size and shape.

Jazz Up the Entry—A swoon-worthy modern artwork full of vibrant hues and chaotic movement offers a the perfect way to create an enticing first impression in the foyer or entry. The colors from the artwork in the entry above spill out into the room by a perfectly-placed pair of velvet chairs and charming blue chest. This look can be created easily by carrying the colors from your artwork through to the room through furniture, accessories or a rug.

Make a Huge Statement—With the popularity of quotes and memes today, bringing your favorite quote or saying into your décor is a great way to make a big statement in any room. The oversize artwork in the loft above, offers a large scale daily reminder with a favorite saying. Leaning large artwork against a wall offers an interesting alternative to hanging on the wall.

Go Wild on a Big Scale—Our desire to bring nature indoors is showing up in home trends ongoing. An excellent way to achieve this is to bring big scale nature scenes such as landscapes or large pieces depicting animals in natural settings onto the walls. The closely-focused, large-scale image of horses above creates a striking focal point in an all-white living room.

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