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Mathew'z Beginner's Guide to Interior Design

How to Incorporate Japanese Style in Interior Decor

Simplicity and calmness is the key to Japanese style of interior decor. Uncluttered and clean interiors incorporating Japanese customs and traditions and a close blend with nature are the main features of this style of decor. All aspects of decor like colour, furniture, accessories etc are arranged as per balancing concept and in sync with nature. The Japanese interior decor can be considered as the major influencer of minimalist interior decor of the west and is being influenced by the eastern culture.

How to Mix Different Styles of Decor

Interior decorating normally follows a set rule i.e. once you start decorating in a certain theme or style it should be followed throughout the room. But then what happens to the home decor items that your friend gifted last Christmas or the beautiful chandelier your grandmother gifted you or that stylish 3 piece wall art that you picked up from the thrift shop? Just because these items do not fall within the decorating style you are following does not mean that you should never use it. In fact, a creative interior designer should be able to blend a few off-style designs with the theme that is followed in the room without creating a cluttered look.

How to Decorate your Home in Contemporary Style

People normally get confused with contemporary and modern style of interior decor. What exactly is Contemporary style? Contemporary style of interior decor refers to the current or latest trend in interior decor unlike modern interior decor where importance is attached to geometrical shapes and clean lined style. The basic rule of contemporary decor is “Less is More”. As such this type of decor will have interesting clean elements without any fringes, ruffles or ornate design. Here are few basics for decorating home in contemporary style.

Top 7 Myths Surrounding Interior Decor Colours


If you are on the verge of decorating your new home or redecorating your existing home, people provide innumerable suggestions regarding colour selection. “Such and such colour will not match” or “Do not use this colour for this room” are few of the suggestions that you would have come across. In reality, there are lot of myths surrounding interior decor colours and majority of the people believe in these myths. 

Top 5 Tips for Decorating a Guest Bedroom

If you are to name a room in your house that may not be put to use 365 days a year but needs the utmost care and attention in decorating and maintaining, then it is the guest bedroom. The guest bedroom should not only be modern and functional but should also be welcoming. It should create a visual impression in the mind of visitors that they feel like staying back and enjoying your hospitality and friendliness. Here are few simple tips for decorating a warm and cordial guest bedroom.

How to Incorporate Marble in Home Decor

The light and glossy rock - marble- has long been associated with flooring. In fact, there was a time when marble was considered to be such an integral part of flooring that one could hardly imagine using any other material. But times have changed. Even though marble is still popular as a flooring option there are many other ways in which marble can be incorporated in modern home decor to accentuate the beauty and glamour of the room.