How to Decorate a Large Wall: 8 Styles for Any Home


You've finally done it. Your walls are painted, your furniture is perfectly spaced, and you even invested in some new candles and potted plants to spruce up your coffee table. But if you don't know how to decorate a large wall, you probably still feel like your living space is missing something.

In decorating our own homes, it can be difficult to step back and figure out what, exactly, feels off. After all, if you spend too long looking at a blank wall, you start to wonder if it's really that bare or if your mind is just playing tricks on you.

While there's nothing wrong with letting a room breathe and opening up some wall space, leaving your walls blank can make an otherwise perfect decor scheme look incomplete.

So, how do you fix that?

8 Inspirational Styles for How to Decorate a Large Wall in Your Home

Depending on your home's architecture, you might be dealing with large, open wall space in every room or only in a few select spaces. If it's the latter, then the most likely culprits are your living room and master bedroom.

Still, any room (even a powder room or kitchen) can fall victim to blank wall syndrome.

But there's no reason to let this stay the case! From metal wall art to large canvas scenery, there are countless options for how to decorate a large wall in your home.

1. Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Instagram photo of a neutral color scheme entryway with a bench, lamp, side table, and ornate mirror, a great piece for how to decorate a large wall. Image via Instagram

One of the most common concerns from homeowners who are dealing with a large blank wall is feeling like filling this space will make the room feel smaller. With the right strategy, though, this doesn't need to be true.

The best way to "add space" to a room, no matter the actual size, is by adorning the walls with large mirrors. This technique adds natural light to the space and offers the illusion of a room that extends further than it actually does.

If you don't believe us, just think about how much larger a small bathroom feels with a mirror than without!

Plus, the best thing about using this technique for how to decorate a large wall is that you can easily make it match your existing decor. From a rustic paneled mirror to one with Baroque filigree, there are endless options available.

2. Stick to the plan

Instagram photo of a family's chalkboard schedule, a great technique for how to decorate a large wall. Image via Instagram

Maybe how large or small your room looks isn't the problem. Instead, maybe you've left that one large wall blank because you want to make it useful — you just don't know how.

Whether you live alone or manage a large family, you can never have too few surfaces for planning and scheduling your days, weeks, and months. So why not add useable space when considering how to decorate a large wall in your home?

Chalkboards are one of the most versatile surfaces in any home. Even better, they can work with a range of decor styles, including rustic, shabby chic, and even mid-century modern.

You can don a paintbrush and some chalkboard paint, or you can make your to-do-list a little shorter by hanging up a decorative chalkboard panel that's ready to use.

3. Let's get nautical

Instagram photo of a white and blue, nauticul-themed bedroom with oars on the wall. Oars are an excellent example of how to decorate a large wall. Image via Instagram

It's practically a given that every coastal home needs at least one nautical room (but that certainly doesn't mean this style doesn't permeate the Midwest, too!). Sometimes, though, seashells and sand dollars just aren't the look you're after.

If you want to embrace the seafaring aesthetic wholeheartedly, then wooden oars and captain's wheels are excellent decor options. Any of these items turn the task of how to decorate a large wall into a no-brainer.

Of course, you can embrace your matchy-matchy side with a complete set of oars. Or, you can get a bit more whimsical with wooden oars in coordinating blue, red, and gray designs.

4. Much a deer about nothing

Instagram photo of a faux deer head mount above a desk with cacti and succulents in small pots. There are mirrors and other wall hangings on the wall, showing how to decorate a large wall in your home. Image via Instagram

Have you ever stood in the home decor aisle of your favorite store and thought aloud, "Why is all of this wall decor so flat?"

Unfortunately, posters, paintings, mirrors, and even the aforementioned oars all feature an extremely flat profile. This is great if you're wondering how to decorate a large wall without taking up too much physical space. But sometimes you want a bit more dimension.

Faux taxidermy, typically made from metal or ceramic, is an excellent solution to this problem!

You can keep it simple with a tried-and-true deer bust. Or, you can get adventurous and "mount" the head of your favorite animal, like an elephant.

5. Not so shabby

Instagram photo of European-style medallions on a white wall above a couch, center table, and other furniture. Medallions are an excellent example of how to decorate a large wall. Image via Instagram

European-style medallions are quintessential to any shabby chic interior design look. However, these extremely neutral wall accents can work in any home.

If you're wondering how to decorate a large wall that's also awkwardly shaped, whether by design or because of existing furniture, then European medallions are a remarkably versatile solution. Since you can find them in all kinds of shapes and sizes, you can customize your wall to suit your needs without looking overly busy.

6. Raise your banner

Instagram photo of a white wall with eyelash decals, illustrations, and a wooden banner, all great options for how to decorate a large wall. Image via Instagram

We all need a little reminder from time-to-time. For you, that might be a message about tackling the day or even one about finishing the laundry.

So why not incorporate some of your personal mantras into how to decorate a large wall in your living space?

Wooden banners take up a nice amount of space while also offering texture from the natural grain. Plus, they're available with all different types of messages to suit your day-to-day life.

For example, maybe you need a simple reminder that you (and your home) don't need to be perfect 100 percent of the time. Or, perhaps your dog-loving household needs to be told to wag more and bark less.

7. Turn over a new leaf

Instagram photo of metal leaf wall hangings on a white wall over a sofa, a great method for how to decorate a large wall. Image via Instagram

Natural texture and beauty is always a plus when it comes to how to decorate a large wall. However, not all of us want the maintenance and expense that can come with keeping real plant life healthy.

Instead, consider investing in some flora-inspired metal wall art.

You can go organic and rustic or elegant and gold. Either way, these wall accents are sure to bring a little bit of nature's beauty inside where you need it most.

8. Use your words

Instagram photo of a brick wall adorned with metal lettering saying "Grateful, thankful, blessed" and sunflowers in a vase below. Lettering is an excellent option for how to decorate a large wall. Image via Instagram

For some of us, wall decor needs to just get straight to the point. And what better way to accomplish that than with some bold script wall art?

Since these metal accents are so sleek and simple, they even work well against bold paint, intricate wallpaper, or, as you can see above, an exposed brick wall.

So whether you want to encourage your loved ones to gather or need a little daily push to pause and be thankful for what you have, there's nothing wrong with cutting the fluff and going straight to the words themselves.

It's Okay to Take up Some Space

In truth, many of us live in homes or apartments that aren't quite as spacious as we'd like. Because of this, countless homeowners are afraid to fill up their blank walls and make their space feel even smaller.

But that's the completely wrong attitude to have!

By learning how to decorate a large wall the right way, you can enjoy a roomy living space without staring at a blank slate day in and day out.

So why not invest in making your home feel more like, well, home? Trust us; it's a lot simpler than you think.

What's the most awkward wall space you've ever had to decorate around? Let us know your stories in the comments below!

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