Gallery Wall Ideas for Every Room

Gallery Wall Ideas for Every Room

Gallery walls are an excellent way to bring interest, shape, pattern and color to any room. Whether you have a ton of favorite photos you’d like to enjoy daily, or a various framed art pieces you’re not sure how to display, there’s an aesthetically pleasing way to configure all. But, anyone who has been faced with creating one of these decorative wall displays knows, gallery walls can be intimidating to imagine and achieve. To help you get started, we’ve curated a bevy of gallery wall ideas and suggestions for every room.

Salon-Style Gallery

Dating back to the 17th century, salon-style walls have long been a favored way of displaying multiple pieces of art in the home. The salon gallery is ideal for art lovers who collect a mix of media and period artwork. There are practically endless ways to configure art and photography in both large and small spaces. The most captivating walls are filled top to bottom with a creative configuration of art framed in varying colors, sizes and shapes. This gallery style works well in any room, but is particularly suited to the lounge or living room as shown in the image above. To add an extra level of interest keep the configuration asymmetrical with framed pieces unaligned and the overall composition with odd edges.

Photo Wall

For those who are consummate picture takers, the photo gallery wall offers the best way to enjoy and show off all your photos. This gallery style works nicely in all rooms and in all decors. For a modern look, print photos in black and white and frame in a clear glass clip frame or black metal frame and hang all in a symmetrical configuration. For an eclectic vivid-hued look, frame color photos in contrasting wood and metal frames and hang asymmetrically. Photo galleries look amazing placed on the wall above a sofa in the lounge, above a bed with low or no headboard, and lining the wall along a hallway or staggering up a stairwell.

Kid’s Art Wall

If you’re a parent, you more than have a vast collection of all of you little one’s artwork. Instead of keeping these vibrant and meaningful pieces tucked away in a box, a kid’s art wall is ideal for showing off these artistic masterpieces. Your child’s bedroom or playroom offers a perfect spot for a gallery wall. It’s sure to be a point of pride for you both, while offering vivid color and pattern for a playful décor. There are a couple of ways to create a captivating layout. Frame each piece in clip frames or wood frames and hang in a symmetrical configuration above the bed; or an asymmetrical grouping on a large wall. The easiest way to display kid’s art is by hanging twine or string across an expanse of wall and clipping individual art pieces in a line with clothes pins—similar to hanging clothes on a clothesline. 

Mixed Gallery

While paintings and photos are the most oft used to create galleries, other decorative items and coveted objects can make for an eye-catching focal point. A decorous plate collection looks charming hanging on a dining room or kitchen wall. An eclectic mix of framed art with vintage objects such as old signage or old wooden letters brings interest and life to a rustic entry or mudroom. Hanging wall shelves and lining with framed art and objects d’art offers a play on the typical gallery wall display. A nature gallery is perfect for a niche wall—think a mix of varying size framed animal prints and shadow boxes filled with preserved butterflies, pressed flowers and leaves.


For those who love these glam reflective pieces, one can never have enough mirrors. Creating a gallery wall filled with framed mirrors in varying sizes, shapes, styles and finishes offers an excellent way to enjoy your collection, while bringing light and the illusion of expanse to smaller spaces. Mirror galleries work in every room, but particularly shine in the bedroom or sweeping entry.


Expert Take Away Tips

While visually captivating once complete, creating a gallery wall can be a daunting task. Luckily, the experts offer plenty of tips and rules of thumb to help ease the stress of configuring your own gallery. Below we’ve shared some of the top tips just for you.

  • Plan your gallery layout before hanging, by arranging pieces on the floor or cutting the shape of each out in Kraft paper and hanging on the wall.
  • Hang framed art in both vertical and horizontal orientations for added interest.
  • To make ceilings appear taller, hang artwork higher.
  • For above sofa and bed galleries, hang art at least 12 inches above furniture.
  • Leave at least 3” between each piece of art.
  • Use 2 to 3 colors and styles of frames for mixed media galleries.
  • Asymmetrical gallery compositions offer the most visual interest.
  • Hanging identical framed artwork in a grid pattern achieves a look of balance and symmetry, ideal for formal decors.
  • For darker spaces such as hallways and niches, create an airy feel by hanging art with brilliant hues and minimal designs in white frames.

Reference this graphic from to decide upon the ideal configuration for your gallery wall.











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