How to Mix Different Styles of Decor

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Interior decorating normally follows a set rule i.e. once you start decorating in a certain theme or style it should be followed throughout the room. But then what happens to the home decor items that your friend gifted last Christmas or the beautiful chandelier your grandmother gifted you or that stylish 3 piece wall art that you picked up from the thrift shop? Just because these items do not fall within the decorating style you are following does not mean that you should never use it. In fact, a creative interior designer should be able to blend a few off-style designs with the theme that is followed in the room without creating a cluttered look.

But there are certain styles of decor that just do not  blend with each other. For e.g traditional style and casual style. While the traditional style calls for ornate and rich furniture, a casual style goes for simplistic design. Hence, combining these two styles can make the decor a complete disaster. Except in case of such contrasting styles, the following tips and tricks can be used for decorating your home

  • Blending style: The right way of blending different styles is to go for a 80-20 or 70-30 proportion i.e. 80% of decor should be in one style and the rest 20% in a different style. The 20% can be the accessories used in the room like art painting, table decor etc. If a 50-50 rule is followed, then the decor can look messy.
  • Colour: Your colour palette should be limited. This refers not just to the wall colour, but also to the colour of home decor accessories. Instead of making the room vibrant with different bold colours go in for 2-3 colours and spread it evenly across the room. Similarly, in case of wooden furniture try to give the same shade to all pieces, even though the wood is different, to strike a balance. 
  • Pattern: You can unify a room by using the same pattern throughout. For eg; if there is a print or a pattern in sofa try to make canvas paintings of the same pattern or use the same pattern in curtains. This helps in blending different styles without creating an awkward feeling.
  • Shape and size: Selecting furniture of the same shape and size is another way of mixing different styles. This is particularly useful in dining room decor where the chairs of the same size but of different styles like wood, metal etc can be arranged. 
  • Focal Point: While decorating your room with available resources, there can be one or two odd pieces like wall prints or sofa that just does not blend with the rest of the crowd. Add some interesting accents like a beautiful frame for art paintings or a patterned upholstery for the sofa and make it the focal point. 

In addition to above, if you are a person with a creative bend of mind, then you can browse craft and art websites and come up with interesting designs that help in balancing the various decorative styles.

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