Top 5 Tips for Decorating a Guest Bedroom

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If you are to name a room in your house that may not be put to use 365 days a year but needs the utmost care and attention in decorating and maintaining, then it is the guest bedroom. The guest bedroom should not only be modern and functional but should also be welcoming. It should create a visual impression in the mind of visitors that they feel like staying back and enjoying your hospitality and friendliness. Here are few simple tips for decorating a warm and cordial guest bedroom.


Bedding: Sheet, coverlet and comforters are must have in guest bedroom so that the guests can use it according to their requirement. Provide as many decorative pillows as possible to create a warm and welcoming feel to the room. Decorative pillows also help in adding a dash of colour to the room without burning a hole in your pocket.Furniture: The basic furniture required in a guest bedroom apart from bed is side table, chair, dresser and chest of drawer. Consider buying furniture that is easy to clean. Twin bed is a better option than queen or king size bed as it can be kept separately or joined together depending on the guest’s requirement. The top drawers of the dresser should be kept empty so that the guests can keep their personal belongings. Toiletries and other soft furnishings can be kept on the bottom rack.  If space is not a constraint, then a chaise lounge can be provided for the guests to relax.

Wall colour: The ideal wall colour for guest bedroom is neutral shades like cream and beige. This is because the occupant of the room falls under different age bracket. While you may have newly married couple as your guest for a month, your parents might drop in the next month. Keeping the wall colour neutral helps in satiating the likes of all your beloved guest. Walls can be decorated with oil painting, wall art or mural.

Flooring: If you stay in that part of the world where chilly weather is a daily phenomenon, then a plush handmade carpet or rug is a must have in your room as it creates a warm and cozy feel and also protect your guests feet from the chilly weather.

Accessories: A bedside table lamp is a must have in guest bedroom apart from ceiling lamp. Another important accessory is large mirror that enables guests to get ready apart from creating an illusion of space for the room. Having a clock, hanger and jug in the room creates an impression that you care even for the minute detail. If possible, try to keep a bunch of flowers or few candles on the room to create a refreshed look. But make sure that the flowers do not cause allergy to the guests and that there are no kids to play around with candles.

Once you are all set to welcome your guests, place essentials like towel, soap, shampoo etc in one of the drawers in the dresser or keep it in the attached bathroom. Always remember to remove your personal items from the room as it helps create more personal space for the guests.


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