How to Incorporate Marble in Home Decor

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The light and glossy rock - marble- has long been associated with flooring. In fact, there was a time when marble was considered to be such an integral part of flooring that one could hardly imagine using any other material. But times have changed. Even though marble is still popular as a flooring option there are many other ways in which marble can be incorporated in modern home decor to accentuate the beauty and glamour of the room.


Wall: Marble as a wall option is gaining popularity nowadays. It is not only easy to clean but also makes the room look spacious and neat due to their light and shiny texture. Moreover, since marbles have pattern in itself one can do away with other wall decor items like oil painting, wall art, mirror etc. Team up marble wall with wooden floors. It can cool your indoors naturally!


Furniture: Even though wood still continues to be the favourite raw material for furniture, it is not uncommon to see furniture made of marble. Coffee table and dining table with marble top, marble benches, marble stools etc are gaining popularity nowadays.


Fireplace: Fireplace with marble surround is a pleasing sight to look at. Marble placed in the trim panel is the most popular method. If budget is not a constraint or if you want to create a rich and vibrant look to your fireplace, then the mantel shelf, header and legs can be made out of marble. Go in for header with intricate carving for a more dramatic feel.


Counter top: The next best use of marble, after flooring, is in kitchen countertops. The thicker the marble used in countertop the more sophisticated the kitchen appears. Apart from countertop, marble would look best in Kitchen Island as it stands out from rest of the crowd and reflects the actual glow that emanates from the marble.


Kitchen accessories: Do not want to restrict marble only to the countertop? Then consider using kitchen accessories made of marble like cutting board, serving tray, cake stand, mortars and pestle etc. They not only add a glamour quotient to your kitchen but also are long lasting and a better alternative to plastic.


Bathroom: Create a spacious and relaxing feel in your bathroom by incorporating marble bathroom tiles. These tiles are not only easy to clean but are also eco friendly. Bath tub surround made of marble also provides a refreshing feel to the room. Similarly there are a wide range of marble bathroom accessories like soap dispenser, shampoo holder, tissue box cover etc that can provide an uber chic feel to the bath area.


Accents: Using home decor accessories made of marble is the cheapest way of incorporating marble in home decor. This can take the form of marble sculptures, vases, bowls, candle stand etc that can create a style statement to your indoors.


In addition to indoor decor, marbles can also be incorporated in garden decor. Marble table and chair, marble sculpture, marble fountain etc can add a special dimension to outdoor decor.

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