5 Tips to Redecorate your Dining Room on a Budget

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Change is always desirable. Whether it is in lifestyle, career or even the way we do up our home, a change can bring about renewed energy and freshness to our life. But when it comes to home décor and improvement, a change can be a very costly affair. This is mainly because of the skyrocketing price of furniture and home décor accessories. Hence the concept of budget friendly decorating idea gains significance. Let us go through 5 redecorating tips for dining room that can be undertaken on a budget.



Rearranging furniture: The first and foremost change that can be brought about to bring a drastic change in the look of dining area is by rearranging furniture. Either rearrange the furniture which is already present in your dining room or try to bring in furniture like chair and side table from another room to provide a completely new look. But this tactic can be adopted only if the dining room is spacious.


Purchasing second hand furniture: Thrift shops are a great boon when it comes to purchase of second hand furniture. Get unassembled furniture at cheap rate from thrift shops and give a fresh coat of paint or new upholstery. Your dining area is all set with a novel look!


Changing furniture cover: In modern day home decor, it is common to see furniture covers being used to protect the furniture especially dining chair from stains and dirt. Changing a floral printed cover with a geometric patterned one can bring about a drastic change in the overall appearance of the dining area.The same is the case with table cover as well. For those who have the knack to create their own handmade product, a crocheted or knitted table cover can do wonders.

Changing or Exchanging Rugs: Rugs used in dining room can be wall to wall or area rugs. If area rugs are used, then it would be a wise idea to replace the dining room rug with that used in study area or bedroom. If budget is not a constraint then a new rug that goes well with the theme of the room can be used.


Accessories: Changing the accessories is the most inexpensive way to provide a new look to the dining area. A new metal wall art, fresh flowers as centerpiece etc are budget friendly ways of changing the look of the room.


In addition to the above redecorating tips, if you have a creative bend of mind, then DIY projects can help in spicing up the look of the dining room. Here are few simple DIY projects that can be used in dining area

  • Paint a picture, frame it and hang it on the wall. Your new wall picture is all set to adorn your dining area!
  • Use items from your backyard like dry leaves and flowers and do up a dry flower arrangement. This makes up a good centerpiece for your dining table.
  • Paint old wine bottle and reuse it as flower vase. If done with intricate designs, the bottle can be used as a decor piece in itself.


The above decorating tips are not only simple but are also budget friendly.


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